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A single state, while offers scenic spots, heritage locations, religious places, wildlife areas and art & crafts to explore and enjoy. The state of Andhra Pradesh is worth visiting for valleys, tranquil lake waters, meadows, hill stations, virgin forests, beautiful dams, scenic hills and ridges, swirling beach waves, resorts, caves, and national parks & sanctuaries. The Andhra Pradesh tour packages by Indian Holiday are designed accordingly to provide memorable experiences that make the hearts of tourists fully contended.


There are many other popular things to do and see in the state which is assisted to the tourists by Park Country Holidayz with the best tourism packages for Andhra Pradesh. Also, the travel guide proffered by us comprises of all the information related to places to visit, things to do and shop, places to eat and how to reach. Information on varied Andhra Pradesh tour packages is curated so that tourists can choose according to their needs and preferences.


Capital: Amaravati          Location: South India


The winter season between October and February is the best time to plan a trip to Andhra Pradesh as the temperature remains cool and pleasant. A trip to Andhra Pradesh can also be planned during the monsoon season as some of the hill stations could be best enjoyed at its verdant best. However, the state in summer season remains hot and humid, but tourists who don’t mind the scorching heat of the sun can make it to Andhra Pradesh.


For visiting the magnificent temples, churches, mosque, pristine nature, art and craft, rich culture, monuments, museums, dance, music, fairs and festivals, beaches, food, heritage tour and shopping.



  28°C to 45°C                            25°C to 32°C                        16°C to 25°C
  Summer                                   Monsoon                                Winter
  March to June                         July to September                  October to February

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