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Park Country Hospitality is a hospitality management company who focused on R.O.I and Cash flow that emphasized the quality of service for customer satisfaction. Hospitality which means essential parts that is frequently forgotten or overlooked in providing hotel services and management. That is why Park Country present is required to return the essence of guest hotel services where our 5 “Hospitality, Comfortability, Satisfaction, Availability and Security” With those, we will give optimal services, where our guest are treated as ‘Royals in Their Second Home”

“At the core of Park Country, there is a passion and a focus inherent in every Endeavour

we have undertaken .”

As a hotel management company with a deep heritage, we create a tradition of excellence with our extensive portfolio of boutique properties that speak to discerning guests and hotel owners alike. Our clients become a part of us - the Park Country family


With increasing local and international competition, it is a huge challenge for a small or medium sized hotel to develop its turnover and expand its client base. 
With this in mind, Park Country Hospitality offer its hotel members the following: 

  • The prestige of being part of an affiliation renowned for quality and great service 

  • Access to a team of expert marketers, designers and photographers 

  • The opportunity to participate in road shows, workshops and international tourist exhibitions, giving the opportunity to promote extremely widely to a level which would be infeasible for a hotel on its own 

  • Promotional services and sales in both the local and international markets


Our philosophy is two fold. First and foremost, everything we do is centred around our guests and making sure we give them an unforgettable experience every time they stay at one of our hotels. 
For our hotel members we promote the unique characteristics of every property and are always seeking new ways to enhance their visibility and sales in the international market. 
Our core values are founded in business ethics, integrity, transparency and innovation.


  • Service Excellence

     : We are committed to the pursuit of SERVICE EXCELLENCE.

  • Loyalty

     : We epitomise LOYALTY by working collaboratively with our guests, employees, partners and suppliers to         exceed shared goals.

  • Passionate

     : We are PASSIONATE about making a measurable impact.

  • Innovation

     : We consistently strive for INNOVATION that makes a difference and to be at the forefront of global trends.

  • Integrity

     : We exhibit INTEGRITY at all times.

  • Respect 

     : We RESPECT all our partners and ensure our relationships are mutually beneficial.

We are incredibly proud of our track record in creating and rebranding hotels to make them current and attractive to guests. This is always done without compromising on character and authenticity that is such an important part of the industry today. 

  • Park Country Hospitality quickly and efficiently develops a network of customers and suppliers, helping a hotel penetrate new and target markets

  • Park Country Hospitality adopts innovative approaches to marketing and sales to help develop a hotel’s image and reputation 

  • Member hotels can take advantage of all promotional marketing activities and actions carried out by Park Country Hospitality, utilizing the latest technology and applications online and via social media

Park Country Hospitality

Customer Network 

Our main goal is to increase the number of customers visiting the hotels in our hotel network. We have developed a solid base of repeat hotel guests who are loyal to Park Country Hospitality. 

  • We have earned this loyalty over time because the image of the hotels that we promote is a completely accurate reflection of the experience a guest will have at the property, so their expectations are always met and exceeded. 

  • We offer excellent value for money and our customers enjoy their stay, trust our network and recommend us to family and friends. 

  • The location of each hotel is always better than other properties in the area so guests feel privileged 

  • Our attention to detail makes our guests feel welcome and at home from the moment they enter an Park Country Hospitality

Why Join Park Country Hospitality



Management Services

Our hands-on approach has made us a top-ranked hospitality management company.

  • Hotel and Resort Management Services

  • Hospitality Marketing & Sales

  • Hotel Management Operations

  • Hotel Risk Management

  • Hotel Information Technology

Project Management

PCH’s Comprehensive Business Development Strategies 
•    Network Across the Hospitality Industry 
•    Due Diligence Insight from PCH's                         
Operations and Sales Teams 
•    Franchise Agreement Negotiation 
•    Property Improvement Plan Management           and Pricing 
•    Revenue Strategy Implementation 
•    Pre-Opening Procurement and Marketing 
•    Repositioning and Rebranding 
•    Sources for Lead Generation 
•    Debt Sourcing 
•    Extensive Underwriting Deliverables &                 Analysis 

PCH Culinary

Hotel Restaurant Management 

  • Cuisine and atmosphere 

  • Personnel - service and technical training 

  • Profitability and asset enhancement opportunities via cost control and pricing strategies 

  • Proactive guest engagement through marketing and sales promotions 

  • Restaurant Concepts and Design 

  • Banquets and Catering

Park Country Hotels, Reserves & Lodges has a team of highly skilled individuals at the core of the business to handle all reservations for the hotels and lodges in the portfolio. This efficient team is responsible for capturing the reservations in the appropriate system and then notifying the relevant hotel or lodge where necessary of any special events or requests. This allows for a seamless process and ensures that the guest’s stay is a memorable one!

Central Reservations
Meetings & Events

Discover The Perfect Hotel Meeting Space For Corporate Events 

Whether you’re planning a corporate conference, executive retreat, training session or just need room blocks for 10 or more guests, PCH has the ideal hotel or resort for your event needs. Our expert staff can work with your budget to transform your vision into a successful and memorable event experience. 




Our relationships with the major hotel brands means that planning a meeting or event with PCH can earn you thousands of points with your preferred rewards program. Redeem the points for free hotel nights or airfare for a future meeting, or for great merchandise to treat yourself or your staff.

Human Resources

The Human Resources department at Park Country Hospitality, Reserves & Lodges is aimed at offering guidance and assistance relating to any form of staffing concerns, ranging from recruitment to managing misconduct and poor work performance. Other areas of expertise include the following: 

  • Selecting and sourcing of suitable candidates 

  • Facilitating the training of Hotel School trainees 

  • Telephonic advice regarding labour law and other staffing issues 

  • Drafting of contracts and any other relevant documentation 

  • General administration of personnel files 

  • Coordination and administration of staff training 

  • Oversee company benefits such as medical aid and pension fund 

  • Coordination of annual staff performance appraisals

Revenue management

Revenue management helps to predict consumer demand to optimise inventory and price availability in order to maximise revenue growth. We gather information about the market so that you can be proactive and use the information to divide your market and adjust your products through the various distribution channels, to the right customer at the right time and at the right price. 

Park Country offers the following Revenue Management system set-ups and assistance where applicable: 

  • Monitoring of reservations to ensure that all information is gathered for sales & statistics and to monitor the market mix

  • Correct rate code set up in PMS (Property Management Systems) for reporting on market segments 

  • Connecting to a Channel Manager and training

  • Connecting to existing and additional, viable OTA’s (Online Travel Agents)

  • Connecting to a GDS (Global Distribution Systems) previous year and current targets 

  • Training on updating 3rd party sites not linked to the Channel Manager 

  • Compiling annual rates sheets

  • PMS loading of rates, packages, changes and admin where required 

  • Completing freesell contracts and updating block dates on a regular basis 

  • Communicating / training reservations personnel with BAR (Best Available Rate) and promotions 

  • Creating packages / promotions / specials for websites, email banners, Google AdWords and newsletters 

  • Weekly Revenue Meeting - analysing current month as well upcoming 6 months figures in terms of occupancies, rates versus previous year and current targets

The Park Country financial team has combined the conventional “penny wise, pound foolish’’ mind set with the more modern statistical and report based approach to finance. The combination of the two has resulted in a unique and effective financial offering. We are constantly learning and growing by keeping abreast of current industry matters. We believe in breeding knowledge and training staff at hotel level to understand the financial implication of every action taken. Our offering is complete and thorough and forms the core requirement for building a successful business

The Park Country Financial offering includes the following: 

  • Executive Summary 

  • Monthly income statement 

  • Monthly balance sheet

  • Monthly segmental income statement 

  • Comparative reports by competitive market 

  • Annual budget preparation and circularisation 

  • Staff cost analytics 

  • Key performance indicators 

  • Cash flow management 

  • Mid-Month expense scrutiny 

  • Maintenance of debtors book including online debtors 

  • Monthly debtors scrutiny

  • Monthly debtors scrutiny 

  • Supplier control and liason 

  • Authority of bank payments 

  • Annual audit guidance 

  • Submission of monthly SARS returns 

  • Training of hotel finance staff

The Operations Division is driven by the vast expertise of our team, which forms the backbone of Park Country’s extensive offering. Park Country’s operations management provides the foundation into which all other activities feed by: 

  • Ensuring the efficient and effective execution of all operations, and by aligning these with the various other business units including procurement, sales and revenue as well as marketing 

  • Effective management of food & beverage departments, a traditional loss leader within a hotel, to ensure turnaround of vital profits thereby providing ample justification of these departments’ existence 

  • Providing a management solution that synergises operations with all business units to ensure proactive fulfilment of operational functions at all times. 

Should the role of operations not be actively fulfilled, all other efforts from financial management right through to marketing would be fruitless. Basically, operations management is a fundamental element to the Park Country Hotels, Reserves & Lodges package.

Operations Management

We cover the following markets: 

  • Tour Operators 

  • Corporate Companies 

  • Production Companies 

  • Conference Organisers 

  • Travel Agents 

  • Government 

  • Weekly site inspections with existing and new clients 

  • Weekly sales activity reports to the hotels 

  • Monthly sales & marketing reports to the hotels 

  • Weekly revenue and sales meetings analysing occupancies, rates and online portals 

  • 9 National sales trips per annum 

Domestic Trade Shows including: 

  • TTF 

  • Travel Expo 

  • IITM 

Annual Sales Activities

International Sales Calls: 

  • Malaysia 

  • Singapore 

  • Srilanka

  • USA 

  • Canada 

  • Australia 

Other sales functions include: 

  • Dedicated Sales Team conduct a minimum of 50 sales calls per week 

  • Brochure and allocation negotiations with the Tour Operators 

  • Rates contract issuing and negotiations RFP / Tenders for corporate companies 

  • Assistance with rate loading for Travel Agents on the GDS Set-up of an annual sales and marketing budget

We are very active with our marketing activities and offer all properties within our portfolio the following services: 

Website: set-up, design, development, maintenance, reporting and analytics. 
Mobisite: set-up, design, development, maintenance, reporting and analytics. 
Social Media: set-up, design, maintenance, applications and competitions and advertising. 
Google AdWords: set-up, purchasing, management, reporting and analytics. 
CRM: Newsletter design, coding, distribution, database management, reporting and analytics.
Design: Flyers, email banner adverts, brochures ,pamphlets, banners, stationery, logos, emailers, conference stands, adverts, menus, packaging, invitations, presentations etc. 
Other: Printing, corporate gifts, signage, re-branding, advertising/media placements, public relations, events and launches, copywriting, product procurement etc

Marketing ( Online )
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Advantages @ PCH

3825 international & domestic companies currently working with our group


  • Hotel Management Company with some of the best known and highly regarded Hotel brands. Decades of experience in the hospitality industry. 

  • Dedicated Marketing Team Strong E channel marketing (through GDS & web optimization) 

  • Strongest Domestic Sales and Marketing Infrastructure with extensive reach and penetration. (Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Ahmedabad) and growing. \

  • Strong management focus. Established policies & procedures from the top downwards. Skilled and Highly motivated operational team. 

  • Proven ability to provide Technical Services, Pre-opening  to new market trend

  • Numerous accolades and recognition for innovation and excellence. 

  • Extreme focus on Guest Needs and Guest Feedback. Extremely high level of guest satisfaction – on a consistent basis.

  • A strong commercial focus on bottom line delivery & personalized attention to clients 

  • Periodic Internal audit / mystery guest audits \

  • Customized guest Loyalty / membership programs

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