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Fresh Vande Bharat flights announced by India amid pandemic from Israel, Singapore and more

Times of India

India has announced fresh Vande Bharat flights to repatriate stranded Indians from abroadjust like last year amid COVID-19 pandemic. The rescue mission was launched last year and it helped a number of people in bringing and sending them home.

Central government has decided to operate the Vande Baharat flights for those who are stuck outside due to the recent lockdown. The Ministry of Civil Aviation is now planning an evacuation drive wherein national airlines Air India will fly to countries to bring back Indian citizens home.

Given the current pandemic and lockdown situation, a number of Indians are stranded in other countries and struggling to come back. As of now, the aviation ministry is planning to operate Vande Bharat flights from June to October 31.

A roster has been prepared and shared online by Air India, mentioning dates, timings, departure and arrival of these flights from various countries including Singapore, Israel, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Italy, to name a few.

According to civil aviation data, nearly 8.9 million Indian nationals have been brought back from abroad till now.

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