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Indian Railways to resume 16 special trains, run 2 more: Full list

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North-Central Railways (NCR) division of Indian Railways has decided to restore 16 special trains, run two new special superfast express trains, and change the frequency of two trains this month. Meanwhile, six special trains have been cancelled for June.

The NCR division will run Gorakhpur-Panvel summer special train (05063) and Panvel-Gorakhpur summer special train (05064) this month. The former will operate on June 6, June 10 and June 13, whereas the latter will run on June 7, June 11 and June 14.

Indian Railways will also run Sealdah-Bikaner Jn Duronto special train (02287) every Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from June 9 till further order, and Bikaner Jn-Sealdah Duronto special train (02288) every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from June 11 till further orders.

A total of 12 special trains would be restored in the NCR division, including Kanpur Central-New Delhi (02033), New Delhi-Kanpur Central (02034), Gwalior-Bhopal (04198), Bhopal-Gwalior (04197), Lucknow Jn-Agra Fort (02179), Agra Fort-Lucknow Jn (02180), Agra Fort-Ajmer Jn (04195), Ajmer Jn-Agra Fort (04196), Jhansi-Agra Cantt (01807), Agra Cantt-Jhansi (01808), Idgah-Bandikui (01911), and Bandikui-Idgah (01912).

The division has also decided to increase the frequency of Subedarganj-Dehradun (04113) and Dehradun-Subedarganj (04114) special trains from two days a week to three days a week.

Two special superfast express trains - Prayagraj-Anand Vihar (04127) and Anand Vihar-Prayagraj (04128) - will also be operated during June. The former will run every Friday between June 11 and June 18, while the latter will run every Saturday between June 12 and June 19.

Meanwhile, six trains have been partially cancelled by the NCR division. Bhubaneswar-New Delhi (02823) stands cancelled on June 11, June 14, June 17 and June 18, while New Delhi-Bhubaneswar (02824) has been cancelled for June 12, June 15, June 17 and June 19.

Bhubaneshwar-New Delhi (02825), scheduled for June 16, and New Delhi-Bhubaneswar (02826) special trains, scheduled for June 18, have also been cancelled.

Bhubaneshwar-New Delhi (02855) has been cancelled for June 12 and June 19, and New Delhi-Bhubaneswar (02856) has been cancelled for June 13 and June 20.

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