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Maharashtra: E-pass mandatory for inter-district travel; here’s how to apply

Times of India

Maharashtra has extended COVID-related restrictions till June 15. As such, an e-pass, which is an electronically generated travel pass, has now been made mandatory for a road journey outside one’s current district.

Reportedly, not everyone will be eligible to get an e-pass. Only those with a valid reason will be able to get an e-pass, and get the liberty to travel within the state.

Here are the key pointers that you need to keep in mind.

Government servants travelling for official purposes and those involved in emergency services will not be required to apply for the pass. Further, as per the current rules, only those citizens can travel outside districts who need to travel due to emergency reasons, such as medical emergencies, marriage etc.

To apply for the e-pass, one needs to visit and apply for the same. From here, your application will be moved to the local police jurisdiction for processing, depending on your place of origin.

To get the pass, one needs to have a valid identity proof, wedding cards or any documents related to marriage, medical report of persons travelling for medical emergency, or a document pertaining to other emergency purposes are required.

Time taken to get an e-pass will depend on a case-to-case basis. As per the reports, every police jurisdiction will have a dedicated team to process the applications. Like, in Pune, the police have formed three special teams, for round-the-clock processing of applications. As such in this case, one can expect to get the approval within a day or latest by one day before the travel date.

Do note that excess number of co-passengers than the allotted limit as per the government norms might also lead to rejection of your application.

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