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Netherlands lifts ban on passenger flights from India starting June 1: Know details

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The Deutch government on Tuesday has lifted the ban on passenger flights arriving from India, South America, Central America, and South Africa. Travelers from these areas are now allowed to enter the Netherlands again, provided they tested negative for the coronavirus prior to their departure, and follow the quarantine rules upon their arrival.

"As of 1 June 2021, there is no longer a ban on flights from India, South Africa and the countries in Central and South America," the Deutch government website read.

There is still a European Union ban on non-EU travelers from countries where the coronavirus situation is considered very high risk. A number of people are exempted from this ban, including family members of EU residents, students, and business travelers.

Further to this, the Netherlands has imposed mandatory quarantine laws with effect from today (June 1).

The mandatory travel quarantine for people arriving into the Netherlands from an area designated as a high-risk for coronavirus infection entered into force on Tuesday. Additionally, the country lifted its last flight bans as the law regulating the quarantine has taken effect.

The law states that travelers need to quarantine at a location of their choosing for 10 days after their arrival in the Netherlands. The quarantine period can be shortened by five days if the arriving passenger tests negative for the coronavirus infection after five days.

Quarantine is mandatory for people arriving from these high-risk countries such as Argentina, Bahrain, Brazil, India, South Africa amongst others.

Netherlands had on April 26 decided to suspend India flights as "the epidemiological situation on the ground (in India) is very serious..." The Netherlands Embassy in India tweeted in April, 2021 that the "ban on passenger flights from India has been extended until June 1, 2021."

Netherlands government website had said: "There is a ban on passenger flights from India, South Africa and countries in Central and South America. New, highly infectious variants of coronavirus are present in these countries. The purpose of the flight ban is to prevent the further spread of these variants in the Netherlands. The ban is due to remain in place until June 1, 2021.... Air freight transport is exempt from the flight ban."

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