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Established in the year 2007 in Tiruchirappalli, we have a proven track record and stability, experience and delivering on promise.

All Inclusive Packages

With Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

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550+Tour Options for all age groups


With Fun and Masti



“We understand the little things that can make a holiday or business visit pleasant and rewarding.”

We feel both pleased and honored to introduce ourselves as one of the Upcoming travel company in India. We at PCH would like to offer you every kind of service here in India. Our team of professionals, with a tremendous wealth of experience in the travel trade, are capable of fulfilling every client needs while traveling with us. PCH Travel Solutions is a Tour Operator serving the tourism industry since 2007. Our main goal has been always complete client satisfaction. We only use high quality products and services, that we have been able to acquire trough this many years of operations . Remember, if you want a lifetime experience of your visit to any Part of India your choice is PCH, where everything is supervise by the Experts, so we can assure you only the highest quality

New and Unique Tours

we offer tours to all the major sites you'd expect but we also visit some more unusual destinations, details of which you will find inside. Which ever of our tours you choose, we promise to bring a touch of magic to  your day.


“At Park Country Holidayz, we believe that it's the small things that make the difference between a good day out and a perfect one. Which is why we always do that little bit extra to ensure your day is special.”

We excels with quality services from its experienced staffs. Over the years the company has received positive feedbacks from its existing clients and hence one can expect a cordial reception.


"Park Country Holidayz is passionately committed to Total Quality Travel, withcontinual delivery of value added services. We uphold the highest ethical standards and believe in creating new benchmarks in the industry."


It is our vision to be one of the most popular travel agencies in India, offering services to every sector of the individuals and business communities. And it is also our vision to use the experience of the highly professional staff members of our company to deal with the requirements of holistic traveling for both leisure travelers and corporate.


Offering services through transparency andhonesty in every dealing with the clients andwith the business associates


At Park country Holidayz, we offer an exclusive program of travel services, designed specially to relieve our clients from all the tiresome and petty chores, which need to be taken care of before starting a holiday tour. And we try our best always to make every moment of the trip full of pleasure. Here at Park country Holidayz, we offer the clients comprehensive travel itineraries within the period of 24 hours. Besides, here we have a team of professionals, who are highly trained to understand all the requirements of our clients and to offer them only the best options available within the most competitive rates. Here we also use the latest technology to maximize the use of the latest reservation system to offer immediate feedback to the travelers wherever it is possible. We have partnership with the popular tour operators in different tourist destinations to offer only the best rates for both individual and group tour packages.

Park Country Holidayz offers the following services:

  • Accommodation (Hotels/ Appartment)  

  • Flight Booking 

  • Cruising 

  • Car hire 

  • Foreign Exchange 

  • Visas 

  • Tours 

  • Conferencing 

  • Local traveling 

  • Travel insurance

We have a highly active customer care service offered throughout the journey through a telephone number, which is handed over to the clients with the travel documents. The services that we offer are based on two vital points: 

Value: With the complete “know how” of the tourism industry and being a reputable travel service provider, we don’t only offer the services at a competitive rate, but at the same time we also offer our clients maximum opportunity in terms of flexibility and choices. 

Experience: A great reputation for quality, personal services and value through a comprehensive database and extensive research backed up by several hours of experience in this travel industry. We feel that experience is a vital aspect to be a leading travel agency. Being experienced in this field also allows us to suggest the perfect travel plan, which matches the personalities and needs of our clients

Our Corporate Clients

We are here to render the best services to our clients who are part of our goal. Our clients, over the years, multiplied from small enterprises to Fortune 500 companies that include both the private and public sector undertakings and thus leading us to spread all over the nation.

Our esteemed clients who have bestowed their trust on us. We have received high acclaim for our expertise in the tourism sector
Our College Clients

Bishop Heber College, Tiruchirappalli 
SASTRA Deemed University, Tiruchirappalli 
St Joseph's College, Tiruchirappalli 
Jamal Mohamed College, Tiruchirappalli 
SCAD College of Engineering and Technology 
St. Xavier's College, Palayamkottai 
Aaryas catering college, Tirunelveli 
MCC, Chennai

Our esteemed clients who have bestowed their trust on us. We have received high acclaim for our expertise in the preventive healthcare and wellness sectors
Our main goal has been always complete client satisfaction. We only use high quality products and services, that we have been able to acquire trough this many years of operations

Advantages @ PCH

Satisfied Guests 
Happiness Guaranteed 
550+Tour Options 
One Line Tour Price 
No Advertising Gimmicks 
Earn a Lifetime of Friendship 
Brand Range of World Wide Tours

Honest prices - we have the best prices for tours, and a huge selection of destinations

We consider the world as our home and due to the strong experience in this field; we are capable of offering the best and unique travel solutions to our clients in different parts of our beautiful planet. The places where we arrange tours are known for the abundant natural beauty and the glorious history, which capture the minds and hearts of the tourists. For people, who have just a little time, but who want to capture the best essence of the tours in terms of flavors and colors, and those who like to get to know any place that they have never visited or seen before. And also for those, who prefer freedom, but like to rely on the timely and punctual assistance, Park country Holidayz arrange customized tours for them. The highly qualified staff members are at the disposal of our clients with plenty of exhaustive details and tips so that we can work personally to define and personalize a plan considering every aspect. This allows the travelers to enjoy the travel plan in such a manner, which they will never forget.

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