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For Confirmation                                                            -  10% of the total Package cost

After Receiving Hotel Vouchers (Within 24 Hours)      -  50% of the total Package cost

15 Days / a Week before Trip                                        -  20% of the total Package cost

On Arrival                                                                        -  20% of the total Package cost


Once your Client is happy with the itinerary and price proposal, please complete the booking form and send it to us together with a deposit of 10% of the total cost so that we can proceed with all the reservations as soon as possible, in order to minimize any difficulties with availability. You can complete the information on the booking form.

Once you have booked and we have sent you your confirmation, a further deposit of 50% may be required in order to secure the reservation and prices of some services, particularly during busy periods. Fuel surcharges, flights fares and taxes also tend to increase, so in order to guarantee the price and secure against any airline increases, We suggest making full payment for your flights / Train at the time you receive your Confirmed Itinerary (in addition to the 10% booking fee – If you book flight/ Train with us).

If you prefer not to pay this enhanced deposit for the flights, we would need to re calculate the cost at the time of paying the trip balance and therefore should there be any airline increases, these will be added to the total trip price as we do not have any control over such increases.

Balance 40% will be paid in two partials, first 20% a week before your clients’ trip and the final 20% on the day of arrival

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